Exos Heroes Daily Routine Full Version! Quick Gameplay Guide

Exos Heroes Daily Routine Full Version! Quick Gameplay Guide

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Exos Heroes Daily Routine

Exos Heroes has come a long way from the beginning! Although these beautiful, visual gacha game servers have closed, the gameplay memories will never end. It's also a great reference to see how the game did in comparison to other gacha games that have and will be released, as completing daily tasks for rewards is a very common mechanic in gacha games.

Although every day was different, here's what I did to fill up the 1-hour mark to get all the levistones from the daily event quest. I must log in twice before the server reset to finish the daily quests.

New Season 5 Daily Routine on Exos Heroes

If you're looking for the most recent daily routine for Exos Heroes after season 5, read my Exos Heroes Daily Routine Lazy Version here.

Step 1: Game Announcements

Beginning with the first round, I open up the game to be greeted with attendance, soul bond, and dispatch, which takes a quick second scan and complete.

Then I'll be on the world map. Depending on where I open up, I pick up the exodium; I never go out of my way to pick these up, but if they are there, I'll go ahead and let my heroes take a brief jog.

Step 2: Challenge -> Growth Tab

I head straight to the Challenge Growth tab and auto-battle at the highest level of all the battles.

If I have any extra tickets left, I do those as well, keeping in mind that I always stay within the Special level with additional tickets for the Trade Routes. For others, I only do the Maniac level extra tickets. Trade Routes have Lunatic and Special levels, which give the highest rewards and cap at three entries per day, and since you will play every day (right)? It makes sense to save extra tickets for those Special rounds 3 per day and save up any more tickets for the following day.

Step 3: Challenge -> Battle Tab

Afterward, I go to the Challenge Battle tab and go to Zenbenstunier. I used to do other dailies and level heroes before this, but with the new rewards available from Heowon's Old Store, it makes sense to do this early to regenerate tickets and possibly get another battle in.

After Zenbenstunier, I finish the Challenge Battle tab by doing the air squadron battle.

Step 4: Auto Daily Quests

Now that 2 of the 3 Challenge tabs are done, I do the daily quests and auto it while I do dailies on another game. I enjoy this new auto feature. It's a sweet cherry on top of my multi-tasking efficiency!

Step 5: Airship Cleanup - Free Recruit, Air Squadron Check-In, Alliance Points, Mail

Once the game finishes my daily quests, it's time to go to the airship. I do:

  • My free recruit and get highly disappointed as it will not be a fated hero
  • Check-in at the air squadron (btw I do tend to save my wing tokens until a quantum raid comes out for the levistones; just a quick suggestion unless your squadron has some donation requirement)
  • Give out my alliance points
  • Go into the store to get my freebie
  • Collect my mail

Step 6: Door of Creation

Then, with all my goodies, I go over to the door of creation and try to craft rank one gear that I need. I don't usually craft weapons every day - I save those for those days when I feel the urge to try my luck, especially since my inventory is flooded with fated weapons.

Step 7: Gear Polishing and Hero Leveling

Soooo once I fail to get the rank one gear, which is most times, I go to polish my gear and level up my heroes. I've recently started to manually polish all my gear, in addition to mixing up and using purple gear for any excess experience needed to level up.

Basically, I add abrasives until I hit the max, and then remove one abrasive and fill up the last bit of exp with actual gear. Because the inventory system has been updated, it no longer counts equipped gear, and with the abrasive drought and lack of abrasives in general, this has helped speed up the progress leveling a bit. For hero levels, I use books according to the elements all the way to level 90 and move on to the next hero. I made a video on this process before; please check it out if you have time!

Then comes Exos Pass - pick up what I've done, do the pass battle. Back to the airship, I greet Sefer to collect from dairy and achievements.

Step 8: Challenge -> Challenge Tab

Once my chat with Sefer is over, I go back to the Challenge tab and

  • Do the Challenges, starting with Holy Dragon Grounds (I don't usually try for a high score, just go with whoever)
  • Two rounds of Raid
  • Avarice
  • Hero Battle
  • Yupirs Labyrinth

I save these tabs for last because there is a slight chance to do better after the hero CPs are raised by the polished gear and level-ups.

Step 9: Stroll in the City

Then it's time to take a stroll in the city—events for levistones and daily tournaments. I usually skip the mini-game, coliseum, wug run, and heroes challenge, although you should do it if you have time for it.

Step 10: Beyond the City

Then I exit the city to collect the levistones from the travelers - as you may know from a previous video of mine, they all populate here, so once you enter the city and exit, they will all have gathered for you to collect. I also make sure to click on the broken airship.

Other Misc Tasks

My day is pretty much done from there - except that at least once, I turn on the infinity raid for the 200 xes rewards, and if there is a quantum raid, I do that. Once that's done, I'll go off into exploration to collect nation coins on the legendary heroes, and below that, I want to work on. If I have time, I'll work on the new story PvE content too!

Second Log In

Later on, I'll go in and do the second round of explorations, another round of Zenbenstier, and finish off my daily quests, and we're done for the day!

Exos Heroes Lang Happy to Complete Daily Task

How Does this Daily Task Compare to Other Gacha Games?

That's basically what my daily Exos journey looked like! After several patches, the ease of completing daily tasks for daily rewards became much simpler, making it comparable to other gacha games released. Compared to other gacha games, Exos Heroes' daily routine did take signifant amount of time, but in the end, the built up rewards was worth doing for hero enhancement and game advancement.

What kind of daily routine does your current gacha game require? Does your routine look similar or different? Let me know in the comments below!


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