Exos Heroes 3 Types of Heroes to Have on Your Team & Chapter 15 Trailer Review

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Three Heroes to Have on Your Exos Heroes Team

Watch my 3 vs 1 Air Squadron battle while the countdown to Exos Heroes chapter 15 is continuing and so close! Here's my recommendations of 3 types of heroes you should have on your team lineup as we're entering into brand new gaming content like silver fatecores and rank 2 gear. And let's not forget to be excited for the new storyline trailer released too!

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:50 Chapter 15 Trailer Reaction
  • 02:00 3 Types of Heroes to Have On Your Team
  • 06:47 Conclusion
PlayWhatever Updates
Exos Heroes is an active game with continuous gameplay updates. This info was based on the gameplay at the time of content creation. Check out recent blog posts or videos on PlayWhatever to find the latest gameplay information!

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