Exos Heroes Account Review July 2020

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Exos Heroes Global Server 1 Month Account Review

The second installment of Exos Heroes is due to drop end of August. Many players have been playing for month+ now, and the update(s) are to most, long overdue.

I'm a casual, semi-competitor gamer that tries to play any game on a consistent bases. Most daily gaming content is played regularly to achieve the best results possible - well, as best as rng will allow for a gacha game.

What does approximately 1 month of consistent gameplay and buying a pack/two get you to on Exos Heroes? This post will go a little more in depth than what is discussed in the video above.

Hero Summons

Unlike most players, I've almost exclusively pulled on/received new heroes from (in order of prioritization):

  • New banner releases
  • Free summons
  • Exodium exchange
  • Golden Clocks
  • Sunstone Summons
  • Events
  • Premium Summon
  • String of Creation
  • Fusion
  • Pack Bonus

Most fated units and fate cores have come from pulling on new banner releases and exodium exchange. The String of Creation gave me FC Shufraken.

Hero Elements and Guardian Stones

Nature, Metal and Holy continue to be the hardest elements to play, and I do believe there are just not enough heroes in those elements that can compete.

So naturally, it's good to assume those are the guardian stones that you want to roll on your heroes.

Six Star Heroes

Like most hero raising games, the increase to the final 6 star makes a big difference in your hero's strength. Holy Water is very hard to come by - meaning you should be careful with which heroes to upgrade first.

I've chosen to upgrade my FG FC heroes first to make sure I am increasing the heroes I'll continue to use to carry throughout the game. Now that those main heroes have been six stared, it's time to incorporate six star of each element to boost my effectiveness on each given element day.


Long gone are the days of green and blue gear. Ultimate goal is to get fated gear for your heroes, and to continue to unlock the gear potential.

Because gear does have a significant effect on your hero's strength, it'll be crucial to gather materials to upgrade and polish your gear on a regular basis.

I prioritize upgrading, awakening and forging fated gear earned through events and the Door of Creation, make sure to "pass down" gear from higher powered heroes to the lower heroes every time I upgrade.

Final Thoughts

I consider myself to be the middle of the pack when it comes to game progression, and hope that my continuous efforts to update my heroes will pay off in the upcoming expansion. The update comes at a good time when most players have been questioning the repetitive daily grind without significant gameplay updates.

How are your heroes holding up? Share with us below! Hope this Exos Heroes guide helped you out. If so, please visit PlayWhatever YouTube, comment and subscribe. Stay safe, and enjoy the game! ❤️

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Exos Heroes is an active game with continuous gameplay updates. This info was based on the gameplay at the time of content creation. Check out recent blog posts or videos on PlayWhatever to find the latest gameplay information!

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