Exos Heroes Scarlet - Summer Festa Fatecore Summon Session

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Summer Festa Scarlet

Exos Heroes Summer Festa 2020 starts off red hot with beautiful Scarlet! Her black fatecore will give us a taste of the other fatecores in this summer's line up. Scarlet's beach vibes is currently a surprising look, seeing that overall she has a somber, calm and collective mentality as she is trying to find her way back to her world. Even in her rivalry with Ice Queen Bernadette is serious - it's good to see her taking it easy at the beach!

Let's see if we're lucky enough on this summon banner to snatch her up and join our party!

About Hotter than the Sun Scarlet

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Summer Festa Scarlet

Hotter than the Sun (Scarlet)

Gender Female
Age 26
Origin Nation Saint West
Race Human
Hero Tier Fated
Element Flame
Position Chaos
Fatecore Color Black
Fatecore Theme Summer Festa


This Scarlet from a parallel world is enjoying her summer vacation. As anti-social as she's been, she could no longer keep ignoring Bernadette. Thus, Scarlet decided to spend some quality time with her arch nemesis. She wanted to create a memory she could cherish, even if they had to return home one day.

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