Exos Heroes Blooming Someday Time Walker Fatecore Quick Review

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Blooming Someday Fatecore Theme on Exos Heroes Review

For those who are wondering about the next Choice Fatecore Re' for Blooming Someday Time Walker, here's some things to consider.

There are 6 fatecores to choose from, black fatecores of Chati, Jean, Corgi, Leger and and Gold fatecores of Talia and Shell.

The easy choice would be go for the Gold fatecores and not the black, obviously, since you only get to choose 1 and unless you already pulled 6 copies of Talia and Shell for fusion it'll be best to go with them, or even just to pull copies so you can try to recraft them at the door of creation for another blue or gold fatecore.

This is especially true because Talia and Shell are very good gold fatecores even though they are not generals and a staple for Greeland and Estoris Republic teams, respectively. Talia is literally a healing mountain and Shell is very versatile with her buffs/debuffs as well as her selective reset skill.

Don't just rule out the black fatecores though! With the core reverses, it could be that some of these black fatecores can become a strong members of their respective nations, especially when it comes to the real time arena (RTA) that was teased to be released at the end of this month, where it'll be most likely that many gold fatecore heroes will be banned from battle.

  • Jean recently had a core reserve that added him into the roster of wasted red teams with his boosted skills and a new sticky bomb passive.
  • Corgi is a north von frosty unit that may be useful if you're looking to break down fire guardian stone units especially as the majority of north von frosty units are frost.
  • Leger is a Estoris Republic hero, and a pretty decent one for her heals, revive and cleansing. It's notable that she is also the only healer in Estoris republic with a fatecore - even though there many others in Estoris republic that have yet to get fatecores like Cybele and Kaya.
  • Chati is a Greenland unit and so far the only Greenland unit with a black fatecore. Unfortunately for her I do think that there too many better alternative tanks like Tantalo and Uloom in Greenland that she is probably the least viable out of the black fatecores for this choice banner.

So it really comes down to what you're looking for in terms of your nation buildup, and not just in consideration of whether it's a gold or black fatecore - although in reality technically you really should for a gold fatecore. You do have a higher chance of getting black fatecores mind you, from raids and monthly missions that give the fatecore tickets with a higher chance of pulling a black fatecore so keep that in mind.

I'm probably going for a second copy of Talia as a fusion as Shell I already have, and the black fatecores I already do have multiple copies. What unit are you going to be going for?

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