Exos Heroes Fatecore Memory for Air Squadrons Review

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Fatecore Memory on Exos Heroes

In this video, I wanted to quickly touch up on the air squadron fatecore memory sharing.

More than ever it's become important to be in a good air squadron, because now for every fatecore that your squad member pulls, not only does your team get knot points for the knot of creation, but also a fatecore memory every time they pull a fatecore.

You do have to claim the fatecore memory from the air squadron menu within 2 days though and you you will still need to get 50 memory shards to create that fatecore, and there's no other ways that I am aware of that you can get these fatecore memories as of yet, but it's another way that we can now start gathering even more fatecores.

I have very mixed feelings about this. because one, it is obviously more beneficial for squadrons that have a lot of players that generally go all out on banners, but then again two just because you pull more doesn't mean you get more fatecores. One player can get 5 fatecores in 28 pulls which another player can just get 1 in the same 28 pulls.

What's for sure is that Exos Heroes is planning on launching even more fatecores now, meaning that we'll get even more pretty and cool heroes, hopefully diversifying the playing field even more. I hope that they start adding these fatecore memories to the raid shops to make the events a little more... interesting and also possibly to Heowon's old store as well.

Any thoughts on the new fatecore memory system? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks all so much for watching stay safe and take care.

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