Exos Heroes Collect Travelers Faster!

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Collecting Travelers Exos Heroes Daily

Exos Heroes has a full line up of dailies that you need to complete to compete. One daily is collecting NPC travelers on the world map and speaking with them to get a special item like levistones.

On large world maps, it's a pain to have to go from one point to another, even if you were to chase them down during your other daily tasks.

Fear not - here's a quick tip to help collect the heroes faster and cut down on your daily play time.

How to Collect Traveler Faster on Exos Heroes

In summary, go into any City, either from the world map or from your airship. Then, simply exit out into the world map again. The NPCs populate and spread out from the city, so they'll be right on top of you as you enter the world map. So, you'll be able to collect them much faster. You can continue to enter and exit the city as many times as you need to collect all the travelers.

Don't forget there are special events for having the right party members when you talk to a specific traveler! Find all the combinations and unlock their special hero side stories.

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