Exos Heroes Degas - Summer Festa Fatecore Hotness

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Summer Festa Degas is Here!

He may just be a black fatecore in the Summer Festa line up on Exos Heroes, but he is not one to pass up on if you're into husbando.

Degas is a solid Legendary tank unit, and sheds his armor to hit the beach, play some volleyball, and attract the ladies (although whether intentional or not will need to be checked). Let's see if we manage to have him join our party before we pity on this summon banner!

About Beach by the Blue Sea Degas

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Summer Festa Degas

Beach by the Blue Sea Degas

Gender Male
Age 28
Nation Marinos Island
Race Human
Element Frost
Position Defense
Fatecore Color Black
Fatecore Theme Summer Festa

Perhaps because Degas spend most of his time shrouded in armor, his skin began to burn quickly under the scorching sun. Still, he decided to make the most of this vacation, even as his pale skin turned bright red. It was time to get over his sense of guilt and move on with life.

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