Upgrading Heroes - Exos Heroes Beginner's Guide

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Upgrading Heroes on Exos Heroes

Gold - Check! Fated Gear - Check! Materials - Check! Certain materials in Exos Heroes can be difficult to acquire, which makes choosing how to spend resources and on which hero can be a pain. It takes patience to collect - but rewarding when you have a chance to upgrade them finally to be stronger units.

3 Methods to Upgrade Your Heroes on Exos Heroes

Out of all the upgrading options available on Exos Heroes, in this session we tackle:

  • Special Forging
  • Fatecore Enhancing
  • Weapon Awakening

Special Forging

Special Forging on Exos Heroes takes 6 star equipment pieces and forges, or combines, them to add another +2 level enhancement feature to that piece of armor.

Legendary armor (purple) and fated armor (gold) are both eligible to be used as the fodder equipment piece or the upgraded equipment piece.

Fatecore Enhancing

Fatecore enhancing is different from a fatecore fusion. Fatecore enhancing takes Mu to increase the base stats of the fatecore. Each fatecore can be enhanced up to +30. With every enhancement, the percentage rate of upgrade goes down.

Weapon Awakening

Weapon awakening on Exos Heroes can be done after the weapon has been fully upgraded to level 60. Weapons can be awakened up to +10 and each upgrade gives the weapon +30 attack. This takes material dropped from the Holy Dragon grounds and 160,000 gold for each try. With every enhancement, the percentage rate of upgrade goes down.

Where do you focus your resources for your #ExosHeroes? Leave a comment below! Hope this Exos Heroes guide helped you out. If so, please visit PlayWhatever YouTube, comment and subscribe. Stay safe, and enjoy the game! ❤️

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Exos Heroes is an active game with continuous gameplay updates. This info was based on the gameplay at the time of content creation. Check out recent blog posts or videos on PlayWhatever to find the latest gameplay information!

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