Exos Heroes Diving in Deeper Into Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 Story on Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes Chapter 15 is probably going to be my favorite story arc yet!!  Some of our hypothesis came to be true - and some we just got more clarification. Can't control the hype so let's discuss the new stories that we know about our heroes as we wait for maintenance to finish!

The long awaited update is HERE! We already kind of reviewed the updates in this previous video, so let's dive into the new heroes today.

So some of our hypothesis is true. Carrie did marry John out of a need of an alliance, so it wasn't like a Romeo and Juliet kind of situation. She married John in order to form an alliance with Saint West and Brunn who had been in skirmishes for years.

Nemeris may not have been quite the hero that I had imagined... as I mentioned I felt he would be like a puppet king controlled by Carrie. Seeing that he was raised harshly by his mother, he had a meek personality, but interesting enough they say he's like a weed. If you guys have a lawn or did landscaping you would know that weeds are stubborn ones. This means that despite his feminine demeanor, he has a tough side to him, kind of like Bathory whom he looks like.

This leads to an interesting proposition once again on her rebellion. Was it for Brunn, for Saint West, or was it for Nemeris? Or for all?

I think we can safely assume that the assassination attempt on Rachel when he was young was something that Carrie started; the one where Rachel witnessed the death of the servant who raised him which drove him to the cruel personality he has. It may have been a good timing with the death of the Emperor but then again a coup on this scale would have been in the works for some time. You don't just decide in a day that you're going to kill the king and everybody pitches in and says yes that sounds like an excellent idea! and go for it.

It could have been for Brunn because we are now clear that Carrie married John for an alliance, because she loved her people. It could have been for Saint West because as you see in King John's description, he had no qualms about status and Emma obviously had no status but that she was related to Baileysh who in turn didn't have a good background either. With John favoring Rachel, getting rid of him and putting Nemeris on the throne could be a way to protect the royal bloodline without the "half bloods" as you may say as Carrie is from royalty as well.

Speaking of Rachel, I think some think that Rachel and Ramge are in a relationship, but I kind of highly doubt it goes beyond brotherhood or best buds considering the games origins. There is obviously an attraction because they both suffer a relationship with their elder sibling and have deep family issues. The situation is a little different for them though, since Ramge is the "hated" one while Rachel is the "loved" one. Ramge is not supported by his people while Rachel is supported by his people.

One of the key heroes in this chapter I think will be Xiakhan, obviously because he appears in the trailer, but now that the Dragon Clan will be more involved. He may be a member of the Dragon Watchers (hence he is wearing the same outfit as Zeradin) but because his goal is to revive the dragon clan, his interest in Zeon is going to only intensify as his desire to collect the relics are going to skyrocket to achieve his goal.

I think in the end there will be a dynamic where through Ramge Rachel will become not the King of Saint West but the next Emperor. Since the Exstruck was built as almost a celebration of freedom from the Dragon Clan and Dragon King Accor, there will be the side of the Dragon Clan and the side of Exos Heroes almost a "free" land you might say. There is a clear indication that Exos was once unified under the Dragon Clan, then they broke up into free lands due to the dragon curse, but now they are struggling. Mind you the unified Exos was a peaceful one for years until the dragon king got the curse, so there wasn't anything wrong with a unified nation. In fact more problems happened after people got their individualist nations that they needed to pick an emperor. the fact that they are looking for the relics, which is most likely the cause of the dragon curse which drove the peaceful king mad, is quite... dumb in my opinion. But many people grow blind at the sight of power for whatever reason they may have.

Or this could be one of those classic - they killed the emperor because he was going mad and so they were trying to prevent another major war from breaking out and hid the Exstruck to try to find the true new emperor.

Well, I guess we will find out soon!

I am a little disappointed in Silver Fatecores; not because the boost is bad, 70% increase for attack defense and health is no joke. She looks adorable and she reminds me fairy tale Tenebria who happened to come out around the same time Cafe des chat Astarte was announced so... I am just going to wait and see how she dyes.

And who knew that was Baileysh! I thought it may be Sernado but nope it was Baileysh. I am most likely going to get that even if it's just an orange fatecore because as some mentioned he looks like Howl and Howl is love! Not to mention when I redid the fatecore sharing guide - some event fatecores rate better than other higher ranking fatecores in some stats with enhancement.

Well that's all for me today guys, it's been a long week so this update comes at a good time to cheer me up!

Let me know what you're most excited about in the comments below. And if you like random gaming content, please consider leaving a like, commenting and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends.

Thanks all so much for watching, stay safe, and take care.

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