Exos Heroes FC Corgi Hot Hot Surprise Summons

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Exos Heroes Black Fatecore Corgi Summons

Free summons with free xes can't get better than pulling for hot, hot Corgi! Sit back, relax and let's chit chat about Corgi's past, random game info and more on this Exos Heroes summon banner session!

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Corgi

Song of Atonement (Corgi)


Gender Male

Age 29

Origin Nation North Von Frosty

Race Tori Clan

Fatecore Color Black

Fatecore Theme Blooming Someday


Corgi in fie parallel world of a new timeline. He enjoyed deceiving and tricking people, but when his plan failed, he began to reflect upon his actions. Now, he uses his tactics and strategies that he learned by deceiving people, for the people in need.

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