How to Say Your Exos Heroes Names Properly in Korean!

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Exos Heroes Names in Korean

Everyone has a name and it's natural to want to me called by that name properly! What about your Exos Heroes? Since it's a Korean game, I can only assume that their names were originally given to the heroes in well - Korean! Let's chit chat about how to say our heroes' names in Korean with our playmate Minsanity and appreciate our heroes just a tad bit more!

Here are the names that we go over in the video:

  • Zeon 제온
  • Rachel 레이켈
  • Ramge 레임지
  • Bathory 바소리
  • Xiakhan 시어칸
  • Magi 마기
  • Valarr 발라르
  • Bernavas 베르나바스
  • Iden 이든
  • Dorka 도르카

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