Exos Heroes K-Pop Iden Fatecore Summon Session!

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Blue Fatecore Iden Summon on Exos Heroes

Looks like he wasn't forgotten! Let's get down and try to pull for FC Iden the newest blue fatecore in Exos Heroes Synergy line up and color him too!

Exos Heroes Synergy Iden

Beat Shooter (Iden)

Gender Male

Age 18

Origin Nation Greenland

Race Elf

Fatecore Color Blue

Fatecore Theme Synergy

Iden of the parallel world has become an idol. He was an idol from a large boy group, but he didn't have much luck until he met Sabrina and decided to create a project group. Iden and Sabrina argue now and then, but truth be told, he is eternally grateful to her. That's something he doesn’t even want his fans to know.

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