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Unleash Potential on Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes 1st Anniversary update comes with lots of goodies - including a rework to the Unleash Potential feature. Now to include fatecore equipped heroes and fated heroes, let's see what the system is and how it works and talk about WHY this feature can be useful (or at least why I'm looking forward to it!)

I think most players would agree... this update is one of the best updates that we're about to have on Exos Heroes!!

Eternal Bond for attendance for fated heroes... inventory being reworked... exchange materials with air squadrons... auto daily quests... new fatecores with... I think they were listening to my videos - with grown up versions of heroes... meaning my wish list that I mentioned in my previous video of a grown up Liffy is going to come true!!

And finally - it's the feature that I was confused about from the beginning that unleash potential is going to apply to fatecore equipped heroes and fated heroes. I never understood why it didn't before and Line games finally realized this needed to be done.

And that's what I wanted to talk about with you today - unleash potential. The mechanics are probably going to be the same. It takes xes, nation coins and solarseals to open up the unleash potential. You collect the nation coins by exploring the map, and you also need the solarseal that you get through the exploration feature, as well as the hero side stories.

Once you open up using xes, you use the nation circles to unlock boosts. Once you upgrade maximum boost you can upgrade the "skill" with the solarseal which unlocks the next tier.

Right now depending on the tier of hero - legendary, rare, magical, etc, the amount of coins and solarseals they consume differs. I'm guessing this is going to be similar with the new features to be unlocked.

I really need this feature right now mainly because I have chosen to signature force instead of transcend and level my heroes and my passives need adjustment. I currently use Dorka, Rera and Bathory in one team and I need them to be in this order of attack Bathory > Dorka > Rera to apply the Tranquil and healing passives the way i want it. While Bathory has no issue with having highest attack for tranquil, Dorka is having a problem to get higher attack than Rera to heal her because I can't transcend Dorka to level her higher as I haven't gotten enough copies of her. Plus I've already +9 her weapon and now am failing at the +10 at the 1% rate which is what I need to get Dorka at a higher attack than Rera, and special forging for a special attack boost is not worth the cost. I'm hoping with this feature I'll be able to have a little more control with this.

Secondly, it's so that I can have a little more diversity. With all the free pull events and the fatecore tickets, I've collected quite a lot of black fatecores that can use the boost so I can start using them more in my team compositions.

With the new updates and new heroes coming, are there any heroes in particular that you're interested in? Please discuss and let me know! 

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