Exos Heroes Season 4 Core Reverse Speculations!

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Exos Heroes Season 4 Core Reverse

Line Games has announced upcoming Core Reverses for 5 heroes - Soft Silver Hair Jinn, Rothbrok Baileysh, Beach by the Blue Sea Degas, Priestess of the Moonlight Leger, and Astral Idol Liffy! Let's quickly go over what improvements may be pending for these heroes and what it can mean.

Hi Playmates, with Season 4 just around the corner, let's dive our focus into the core reverses we're about to have! So it looks like 5 heroes are going to get core reverses, Jinn, Bailyesh, Degas, Leger and Liffy. It's great news for me since I do have all these fatecores and even their exclusive weapons so it'll be interesting to see what kind of upgrades they are getting.

Jinn is one of the 3 Estoris Republic heroes that is getting juiced up. Interesting enough I do think Jinn as a gold fatecore is already a staple in most Esotris Republic teams. I'm thinking it may be an improvement on his Branding passive to increase duration instead of removing when attacked, adding in some dot effect, and increasing the duration of the silence effect on his skills, and possibly adding a reset skill onto his High Five skill but again he's a pretty good unit as he is so we'll see how much of an improvement he gets.

Bailyesh definitely needed a rework as the 2nd Estoris Republic member to get a core reverse this season because although he synergizes with Jinai and has the awesome first guardian buffs, he's just too weak in general in pvp although he is great for breaking dark stones in pve. If he can get some additional debuff on top of the corrosion damage, kind of like Wilkes who is a similar Estoris Republic hero, I think he'll find a place in some Estoris Republic teams because first guardian buffs are still one of the better passives currently in game in my opinion.

My first husbando Degas is getting an upgrade as well it seems! As a north von frosty frost unit he definitely had fallen off as there are many great frost units in North von Frosty besides him, including the fact that Iris, Valentina and Bernadette are also Summer Festa units with the same passive as him. Unfortunately as of right now I really can't think of any upgrade Line Games can give him that'll make him more viable than the other north von frosty units, unless they give him some crazy power boost that synergizes with enemies that are afflicted with Fear of the Abyss from Shufraken. Even in that case though for me if I already had a defense unit like Shufraken I wouldn't necessary add another hero so... Degas I think may continue to remain a poster boy and just that.

Leger is the 3rd Estoris Republic unit getting juiced up and very happy to hear so because she is one of the best reviver in game and the only healer with a fatecore (except orange) in that nation. If anything I think they'll just increase her healing power, or add an heal over time effect and gain mama which if they do that'll be pretty crazy haha.

Finally is Liffy - a Lenombe unit. Again she is one of those units that fell off due to other great Lenombe units although one thing she has going for her is her dark element amongst all the fire and machine units in Lenombe. The simplest upgrade I can think of is her getting the notorious reset skill for disheartened enemies much like many of the Lenombe units with reset skill, and allowing her corrosion to stack when that happens. Or since she already has piercing damage if she also gets some way of negating barrier effects when attacking with her piercing skill that'll be pretty useful in my opinion as then she'll be the hero to focus on back row enemies if paired with April and Rachel as April's Fan Service already takes care of the front row enemies.

Anyhoo, it does seem like quite a lot of effort is being put into trying to diversify the teams. Are you looking forward to any of these core reverses and what do you wish for the change? Let me know in the comments below. And if you like random gaming content especially on Exos Heroes, please consider leaving a like and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thank you all so much for watching, stay safe and take care.

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