Is Exos Right for You? Exos Heroes Mobile Gacha Game Review

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*Exos Heroes New Season Update

The following review was created before Exos Heroes Season 4. The new season 5 changed Exos Heroes' content drastically. Please read my opinion on the new Exos Heroes Season 5 review here.

Exos Heroes Mobile Gacha Game Review

Exos Heroes is an up-and-coming mobile gacha game with many merits, with its pros and cons. Is this game worth your while? As a player playing since almost the launch of the global server, I'd like to share with players who are on the fence about starting the game and other players who may be thinking of leaving the game things to consider in the decision.

Exos heroes season 4 is on the horizon, and maybe you're contemplating starting the game, or if you're a current player, if you should continue to play the game. As a fellow player that's been on the game since almost the beginning of the global launch, I want to share with you my thoughts. Now, if you're looking for the best-est most awesome-st game, or this is the most horrible gacha you've come across, this video isn't for you. I hope that this will give you opinions to help you decide about trying out the game.

The Beautiful Art of Exos Heroes

First, to get obvious out of the way, if you like the art style and a diverse cast of heroes, you should consider Exos Heroes. The majority of players appreciate the amount of detail and consistency in the design of heroes in this game.

Not to mention, the game boasts diversity in gender, nation, and age groups, and since the last time I've posted the video discussing this, the roster has continued to grow. There are still limitations to the amount of customization you can do for your heroes, in my opinion, compared to some other games. Still, the dye station features and skins in the form of orange fatecores are continuously developing.

Somewhat F2P Friendly

Second, if you're starting and planning on being super competitive in PvP, expect to spend some cash. This does not mean the game is not f2p friendly. The game is generous in terms of free paid currency called xes through dailies, although the cost of purchasing xes is on the higher side.

However, there is no way to grind in this game, as dungeons are gated by tickets, and rewards from PvE story mode are pretty much one time. Some golems and totems pop up, and an AFK exploration feature that uses levistones or regenerated energy, but the benefits of such gameplay will not catch you up to players that have played regularly since day one.

In summary, you can't put in "extra time" per se to make up for lost time if you're planning on staying f2p.

Low Maintenance Gaming

This leads to the third point that Exos is what I would consider a low-maintenance game, and if you like that kind of game to keep you entertained for brief moments or test your perseverance and commitment, it's a game for you. Meaning that there is enough repetitive daily content with decent QoL improvements to make the dailies easy to complete to keep you interested if you commit to it, but it's not a game that you'd play for hours every day. It's also not a game you'd play to feel some high achievement for hurling through a difficult dungeon or being able to maneuver through complex motions to get past to the next stage. However, some of these story chapters are dumb in terms of difficulty spikes.

If you're a completionist or invested in the characters and want to put in maybe an hour a day for repetitive dailies to grow your heroes slowly and perhaps a few more when new content comes out and enjoy seeing the progress of your account and the fruits of your perseverance, Exos will be worthwhile.

If you're looking for more, you will eventually become tired of the game when you lose interest in the heroes and don't feel the need to grow them any longer.

Exos Heroes is Still an Active Game

But one thing to keep in mind is that Exos is still very active in its updates, at least for now, meaning that it's not a dead game yet. And these updates are not always gated by payments. There are pros and cons to this.

Pros are that you know that there will be new content, and if you like being one of the players to tackle new systems and heroes and be on the forefront, kind of like a beta tester, it'll be a neat experience.

Cons is that new systems mean there are bound to be issues and features that may rub off in the wrong way or create inconveniences in a live game on your actual account, unlike a beta server.

The game isn't old enough to have figured out the perfect formula causing periodic surprise maintenances and shut downs sudden removal of features. Of course, the game offers, in turn, compensation but can take this to mean what it means. Are you bothered by, I guess, to put it simply, unstable experiences in the game? I think it to be unprofessional and not worth the time, or are you more open to trying out and adapting to the circumstances at the expense of your time and possibly in-game resources?

Final Verdict on Exos Heroes

Again, there's no right or wrong answer, it's a preference, and preferences can change over time. Even in these comments, trying to stay unbiased is difficult because I still feel some merit in the game and continue to play it. So I recommend that if any of these features of Exos Heroes seem to fit your bill for a fun time or an entertainment experience, download and try it. You'll never know for sure until you try.

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