Exos Heroes Season 4 Update Details & Air Squadron PvP

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Exos Heroes Season 4 Updates

New hero class Mythic heroes, union nations, new red fatecores?!?! Let's discuss the director's notes on the updates coming with season 4 while watching one of my Air Squadron matches!

Hi Playmates... I know we were all kind of disappointed with the anniversary event, but looking at all these items to be released in season 4, I do think the Exos team have been working hard to add more content to the game. It's a long list so we're just going to go through this quickly as an overview and go into detail as the content is released while I play back some of my favorite pvp matches from this week!

Exos Heroes Mythic Heroes

There is going to be a new class of heroes called Mythic which will have its own mileage. It looks as this hero is used mostly for pvp and as they say - a joker card - kind of like a trump card if you will in the battle. It kind of make sense as many team compositions (at least at the moment) do not utilize a full nation setup, so having a trump card hero will be easy to substitute in. Not to mention, they are offering the hero for free - per se - as a reward for daily missions. Cool cool and cool!

String of Creation Revamp on Exos Heroes

String of Creation is getting a revamp, which is awesome - because that thing was expensive let me tell you so I've been laying off it. It may be a good time to get back into it especially with the additional perks like Ultimate orbs.

Signature Force Union Nation Update

Signature Force is also getting an update with a Union Nation. I was always wondering how this would happen, because as I mentioned in a previous video, there should be, according to the storyline, 7 main nations although there are many more nations in the world of Exos. the description is actually kind of hard to decipher, but it looks like these union nations of Phedas and Shadow Bane, can feed off the upgrades to the main nation based on the union nation's general's transcendence level. What's even better is that based on the description, you can use the union nation's general as material for the main signature force's enhancement. Once this update gets released, let's dive more into this as this will be an interesting upgrade to the current system.

Inifinity Core Season Open on Exos Heroes

Infinity core is now open after a long... no, extremely long pre-season. It's an interesting that they are reverting back to having certain fatecores being required to have buffs or not to have debuffs kind of like the hero gateway hero story which they eventually nerfed later on. The thing that interested me the most on this is that the rewards will be infinite crystal which can be used in Heowon's Old Store for RED fatecores... which I hope they didn't mean orange fatecores. Not sure what these red fatecores will be but it looks like more variety on the horizon.

Rank 2 Gear Launch on Exos Heroes

Rank 2 equipment is finally here. I kind of feel like maybe they're making it a little too easy? Allowing us to keep the existing equipment and the properties from Rank 1...? I'm going to be one to benefit from this but I do feel like it may cause a greater disparity between new players and existing players. Again, one to try out and keep an eye out for.

Door of Creation Update

Door of creation is updated! We can now trade generals for a different random generals - but the problem is there is no mileage. Lol so I think this will be a use at your discretion kind of deal. We now also get to use 5 star Mu to transcend heroes... again not sure how this will effect gameplay because transcendence is a requirement for signature force.

Unleash Potential Arcane Stone

Unleash potential is getting an update to use a new currency called Arcane stone for legendary heroes and below. I personally think increasing how we can get solar seals will be better option instead of increasing the number of different currencies since we're already getting new ones in this season update... but it does give us options which is not always a bad thing! We can exchange solarseals for arcane stones, I just hope it's a 1 to 1 ratio.

QoL Changes on Exos Heroes Season 4

For the convince changes.. one of the best things I see on there is the ability to see buffs/debuffs better. It's always hard to see and this hopefully will make it better.

Anyway, it looks like a lot of new content is around the corner for us in the upcoming weeks. Hopefully all of them function correctly, but if you've been off the game this might not be a bad time to jump back in and see what Exos has to offer.


Anything in particular you're excited for? Let me know in the comments below. And if you like random gaming content especially on Exos Heroes, please consider leaving a like and subscribing I post every Wednesdays and weekends. Thank you all so much for watching, stay safe and take care.

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