Exos Heroes Season 4 Story Review & Speculations

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Exos Heroes Season 4 Preview

Less than 2 weeks until the next chapter of Exos Heroes is opened. Season 3 left us on a cliff hanger with Ptriof, Dana, and Lang coming to pick up Zeon and the gang, returning Bitiru to them.

What are your thoughts on the story and what's going to happen? Let's discuss what we know and what we think may happen!

There's 2 parts to season 4, one is of Phedas, the mysterious merchant nation and the other in the First Guardian hero timeline or parallel dimensions. Based on the trailer and the season title of Fallen Sky, I'm thinking that Phedas is that gigantic floating airship with buildings, and that Prithoif, Dana and Lang are taking Zeon and the gang there in order to learn more about this curse and what it could mean - possibly in terms of the different dimensions and how they are all interrelated, along with a secret society that tries to control the flow of events on Exos.

With that said, if we go back to the Core Raids, we learn that our heroes are able to travel into these parallel universes, and so Bitiru takes Zeon back into the Baikal empire dimension, and in this dimension, Bitiru is supposedly killed by the dragon emperor, and the first guardians are all attempting to rebel against the dragon king after he has gone mad. Ramge in this core raid expresses that he intended to die in memory of those who were sacrificed, and went along with the plan knowing that they were going to fail. The interesting thing - I guess, is that in the trailer, Misty Ramge is fighting against Shufraken, his father, who had absorbed the power of the dragon emperor Accor - which is actually the same thing that happened in the Awakening parallel universe, where the Awakened Successor to the throne Ramge was going on about how he couldn't defeat his father, and his only purpose in life was to defeat him and that despair to him was everything. The first queen of North Von Frosty then appears (you know the lady with the gorgeous hair) to save Ramge.

One theory that I've started to roll around in my head is the possibility that in this timeline that Zeon may be the reincarnation of the Dragon Emperor Accor, as the chosen one to inherit the power of the dragon emperor as Bitiru said. At first I thought Zeon may be Bitiru since they look so similar in color palette and personality... but that may not be the case. The theory that I can think of also is that Accor in the original timeline didn't kill Bitiru, but rather sealed him up in that necklace and sent him along with Dunastes Chelestis (the airship's original name meaning heavenly ruler) to an alternative timeline where Shufraken had yet to corrupt Accor's power, in hopes that Accor's power may be transferred to the rightful heir before Shufraken comes to taint it. The dragon curse may very much be the protection seal that is activated to make sure that the power is transferred to those who can withstand the huge power it will give.

And that timeline that Accor sent Bitiru to is the timeline where Ramge decided to not go fully against his father by committing suicide, but rather the one where he chose the route to seek help from his friends and stall his father from awakening the power of the dragon emperor by hiding the Exestruck. This knowledge may have been given to him by Misty, the first queen of North Von Frosty. Because if we look back to the beginning, the way to access the power of the emperor which may effectively be a way to remove the curse, is to gather the 7 relics and to unlock the seal with the Exestruck. Even with the 7 relics, without the Exestruck, you cannot open up the power of the relics.

But that opens more questions. If that is the case, how did the 7 grand masters whoever they are, defeat Accor in the first place in this timeline? Who are the 7 nations, exactly, because we do have more than 7 nations in Exos that we know of.

to put it simply, this whole story is cool but it's also a bit confusing and I'm hoping we get a little more into the main story. Each chapter is marvelous in its way to telling the side stories of heroes, but I am having a hard time trying to tie it together yet. Talia and Jinai definitely know something, but they're not telling us anything and the pieces of the puzzle need to be put together faster!!

Anyway, all in all, season 4 seems to be in good developments. I am a little bummed that some of the items in the trailer may not actually make it into the game like from season 3, but I did notice that the cut scenes are getting longer and better as the game progresses and I hope that it continues to be this way!

What are your thoughts for season 4? Let me know in the comments below. and if you like random gaming content especial on Exos Heroes, please consider leaving a like and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thanks all so much for watching, stay safe and take care.

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