Exos Heroes Synergy Fate Core Iden Prediction

Exos Heroes Synergy Fate Core Iden Prediction

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Let's Speculate on Fatecore Iden Idol on Exos Heroes!

An Exos Heroes miracle has happened, and Jinai, Wilkes, and Monica Synergy's debut successfully concluded, but was it thanks to their 4th member, Iden? Let's gossip about the unsung hero of Synergy Iden and predict his role, story, and skills based on his past and the K-Pop theme!

The impossible of impossibles has happened!! I finally pulled a fate core on the first pull! This is a gacha miracle with the gacha game system - but it happened! And Wilkes, let me tell you, is fantastic. I love her design and the animation that they came up with her. I decided not to use my super scream, as I know it threw you all off on my Jinai video. xD But you can imagine the hype I had with getting Wilkes.

Monica is here—and in case you missed it, in this Synergy group, Jinai is the leader, Wilkes is the vocalist, and Monica will be obviously the dancer/choreographer. It's kind of funny how Wilkes doesn't like popping designs, and all she is doing is popping.

And with all this hype, I want to draw attention to the one person that I think we all may have failed to see is actually the one pulling all the strings, which is this beautiful man here: Iden, the fourth and final member of Synergy, as indicated by the initial Synergy Group poster image.

Now, if I may so dare so bold to say, Iden, I am pretty sure, will be Synergy's manager. I mean, every idol group is going to need a manager, and Iden, with his base skills not having DOT damage to begin with, is saying to me that he may get a different passive and may - MAY possibly be a blue fatecore since blue gives a boost to the overall team. The key to any successful manager is to provide motivation, care, and guidance for the success of their group.

Actually, with all things said, I highly doubt he will get a different passive than the ladies, but if he were to - since we're playing with parallel universes anyway, so anything is possible - he should really get some kind of boost on his skill to attack the enemy if they have a DoT effect on them. The 3 girls can inflict Dot damage, and his S2 requires no mana and attacks all enemies. Imagine if that turned into a boost, aoe piercing attack on enemies with a dot effect on them, and multiples with the number of debuffs? He'll be a mini-budget Rera, but he's even better because of the no-mana requirement. In my honest opinion, he wouldn't rank too high on the Fatecore tier-list.

But this is all speculation! Another cute thing would be that he is their #1 fan or something like that, so he keeps following them around. Since it is like an alternate universe, maybe the Iden in this world LIKES people in power, while the Iden in this world doesn't like aristocrats and bothers them all the time. Actually, WAIT. Maybe then he's like the bad anti-fan or something where he totally trolls them!!

Well, whatever the case, I think he looks awesome, and I can't wait for Monica, too! Let me know what you guys think! Well, will Iden even make it to the stage, or will the girls take all the glory?

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