Exos Heroes Theory: Rachel is NOT Emma & Baileysh Love Child?

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Exos Heroes Sad Love Story: Baileysh and Emma

The new release of Heowon's Atelier may seemingly be pointing to the theory that Rachel, the captain of the King's Guard may not be Emma and John Donk's child, but Emma and Baileysh's.

HOWEVER, here's my little theory on their relationship and the potential meaning behind this little snippet that we get inside the Saint West Palace.

Heowon Tells the Tale of Saint West's Broken Love

Do you keep up with Heowon's Atelier on Facebook? I look at it from time to time and the one that recently caught my eye is the one where Emma is speaking with John Donk asking him to make Rachel the King's Guard to send him away for a while.

So... basically it goes like this...

I have no regrets regarding my love. Your ambition was also mine as well. Your majesty, have you recently heard that our domestic situation is becoming similar to Brunn? I suppose it's a positive outcome from accepting the virtues of our ally. But because of that, Queen Carrie has gained much power and is constantly pouring pressure on Rachel. If you truly love Rachel, why don't you appoint him as a King's Guard and send him away for a bit? So please don't stop. Don't you think that the true blood of saint west should become a king's guard in order to please the people? For our Rachel.

When you read it through, you kind of automatically think, ok so yes, Aerastar was right Rachel is Baileysh and Emma's love child, especially as Emma transforms as Baileysh on the last part. I mean it makes sense genetically, and it's a theory that I've had for a while now. But I have 2 different theories after reading through and rethinking.

Theory One: Rachel is Indeed Emma's and John Donk's Son

Baileysh's ambition was to become powerful and get revenge, and Emma married John Donk to help Baileysh get powerful, because she loves Baileysh. In the scene, if that is Emma saying "for our Rachel", and Baileysh being the adopted grandfather of Rachel, even if Baileysh isn't the blood father, Emma could have referred to Rachel as "our Rachel" to Baileysh.

And Emma being adopted as well, she would be one to know for sure that Baileysh is capable of loving a person not related by blood - although Baileysh was also involved in human trafficking so what's up with that? He's kind but evil... and he's evil but kind? Well then again even the most evilest of villains have love in their own way.

Anyway, we also know from Emma's story that she didn't mean to get killed by Carrie as she's revived and looking for revenge. The fact that she forgot everything else, even her love for Baileysh and Rachel, and only thinks of revenge speaks volumes to her own strong personality and conviction for achieving her ambitions - which in this case may have been revenge that was Baileysh's original ambition.

A woman who has that much conviction wouldn't be able to have a child with someone else other than her husband the king as she would know very well the implications of doing so - and quite frankly if she wanted a kid with Baileysh she probably would have had one before she got married to John.

There is not much in the story to indicate that Emma loved Rachel that much in the first place - for example, Rachel was raised by a servant, and yes he's a prince so it makes sense that there would be a servant but if it's a servant that raised him and had enough influence on him that her assassination changed his character to that degree, it could very well mean the absence of a mother figure. If Rachel is Emma and Baileysh's child, I would think that Emma would have had more affection for Rachel and would have been more involved.  

Theory 2: Baileysh's Continued Manipulation of Emma

The other and less likely theory is that Emma turning into Baileysh in the last scene could also mean the continuous manipulation of Emma by Bailyesh to get what he wants.

Think about it. If Baileysh wants power, technically speaking, both Nemeris and Rachel are in his way. Nemeris because well, he is being controlled by Carrie and Rachel, well because he's emotional and powerful and can't be controlled - a wild card. Using Emma to send Rachel away may not have been for the safety of Rachel, but more so a way for Baileysh to sustain his power. Hence, Baileysh could very well be telling Emma in this instance, that he doesn't regret giving her to John, and that she should not stop listening to Baileysh for Rachel's sake - manipulative words to use her for his ambitions.

So in the end, this quote that says, "I have no regrets regarding my love. Your ambition was also mine as well. So please don't stop for our Rachel" could be contrastingly Baileysh talking to Emma to get her to speak to John about what he wants to be done with the key figures that are standing in his way of power, because although Emma may not have had much love for Rachel, she is his mother nonetheless. 

Let me Know What You Think About Exos Heroes Baileysh and Emma!

It's a wild theory and maybe it's wrong - but that's what my thoughts are whirling around at the moment. With that note, there's all those updates dropping for us! Hopefully all of them work well and we get to play around with the new features and share them here with you.

What are your theories on their relationship? Let me know down in the comments below. and if you like random gaming content especially on Exos Heroes, please consider leaving a like and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thanks all so much for watching, stay safe and take care.

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