Poem to Exos Heroes

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Poem to Exos Heroes

Season 2 is slowly being released. Here's a poem (yes, a poem - a freestyle poem) about my thoughts on the state of the game. Let me know if you agree below!!

Long long ago in the distant Exos land
Where heroes are summoned by the tap of the hand,
Came the cries, and screams and comments that demand
Balance, fairness, and devs to understand

That Exos Heroes is turning more into pay to win,
Even with better and sexier fatecores and skins,
For devs to keep asking for money is just a sin
Because the chances of the new hero staying relevant is very thin.

So the devs kept pushing out new content here and there,
Tried to give out free xes and items, like they truly cared.
For even behind their language barrier they are aware
That the players are turning deeper into despair.

In the midst of all this and experiencing firsthand
The game of Exos Heroes, here's where I stand.
I like the game still and think it to be grand
And I look forward to how the content will expand.

So Playmates, Don't undermine your achievements, no matter how small,
You don't need to be a whale or dolphin to play after all,
Sure there are some content behind the high pay wall,
But if you're still playing, well, that's solely your call.

So if you're here for the ride, enjoy it as much as you can,
After all it's a GAME, geez Louise my man.

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