Awakening on Exos Heroes

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Awakening System on Exos Heroes

Awakening in Exos Heroes is some crazy caffeine boost for your most beloved heroes! I finally take the plunge and awaken Rachel, Bathory and Rera - join me as I drain gold, xes, fated gear and money to get my party awake and rolling for the exciting new content releases ahead!

New System of Hero Stat Boost

Exciting new on the horizon!! There's actually quite a few things that I'm hyped about like the hair dye system... I just caved and dyed my core team to red so I can't wait to try to have everyone with some cool hair variations.

I also like having something else to do with the pvp currency since I have quite a lot that's just been sitting there. Another thing is the chapter 11 nerf. I've been waiting to try out Awakening, but I haven't been patient enough to try to get through the chapter yet so I haven't unlocked lunatic mode... so I had no way to farm the gear yet and with no way to farm the gear it was kind of scary sending my previous heroes out to get broken left and right.

Now that there are some updates on the horizon that may make it plausible for me to equip my heroes I thought it's no time better than now to awaken my heroes. So better late than never! It's time to awaken my sleeping heroes.

For those who haven't tried it yet either, you can awaken your +5 enhanced, fully level 60 fated gear equipped 6 star hero for a super duper power boost. Your fated gear (weapon will stay) will be forever gone but if you had matching guardian stones on your gear set you can get various awakening bonuses. You also get back any materials used if you had special forged or magic enhanced your fated gear.

Awakened heroes can only equip rank gear, and you can also unawaken your hero if you want for 500 xes. Wouldn't recommend that as you would have wasted 5 pieces of fated gear and all the abrasives used in the process.

There's some debate about what kind of stone bonus is best for heroes... and so I tested this awakening process with Rachel first since he already had full light set gear and he is a general and I was sure I'll get his fatecore some day and I don't use him that often right now to care that he doesn't have equipment. Light set gives defense, and in comparison to my Shufraken who is decently geared without equipment Rachel would not be subject to fear of the abyss with this boost so that's nice!

And after seeing that boost that he got ... oh boy; I got power hungry hahaha so I made up my mind to go ahead and awaken Rera and Bathory. Now both had some odd gear sets so I took it upon myself to convert them to RED set because both can use some more HP.

Have you tried awakening your heroes? How has that changed your gameplay? Thanks all for watching and catch you all next time!

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Exos Heroes is an active game with continuous gameplay updates. This info was based on the gameplay at the time of content creation. Check out recent blog posts or videos on PlayWhatever to find the latest gameplay information!

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