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K-Pop Idol Fatecores Are Coming!

The new Exos Heroes Synergy K-Pop Fate Core banners are on the horizon, and with it a chance for FC Jinai! Let's talk about Jinai's current story and skills and wish for some passives for her fate core that fits in with her background.

Exos Heroes Jinai's Background Story

The leader who expanded Shirosaku to its largest scale ever.

Jinai is the leader of Shirosaku, whose true identity -- including the scale, financial power, and its purpose -- is unknown, except for the fact that all members are female. Jinai is a descendant of the Toho tribe, which came from the Eastern continent. However, few know Jinai's origin, since not many people know the existence of the Toho. Even Jinai herself did not know anything about the Toho tribe when she was young.

Jinai is talented at summoning the Gods, which is a talent that is only gifted to a few of the Toho tribe, while her parents were mere commoners. Jinai could summon the Gods even in her early days, but there was no one to teach her how to manage her power. Eventually, she summoned the Gods and the power took charge against her will repeatedly. The villagers who had no idea bout summoning the Gods, blamed and accused her of being cursed. The rumor about her spread to other towns.

Around that time, the rumor of cursed child reached the ears of Shirosaku's former leader who had the ability to control the power to summon the Gods. With great interest, the former leader came to see Jinai as soon as she heard of the rumor. When the former leader finally met Jinai, she was amazed by the power vested in her, and took her in as apprentice.

Jinai left her family under the wing of Shirosaku, and received various trainings including how to control the power of summoning the Gods. She especially showed talent in medical practice, and those around her came to respect her saying there wasn't a sickness she couldn't heal.

Jinai came to control the power to summon the Gods, and mastered the medical arts, and as time passed, when the former leader retired, she took her place and became the new leader of Shirosaku where she took full advantage of her power to bring great prosperity in Shirosaku.

Passive Skill Wishlist

Taking into account Jinai's background story in this realm and her special skills, these are the passives that I am hoping that she receives in her Synergy gold fatecore:

  • Summons the gods to provide protective barrier for healing over time
  • Barrier grants buffs to team (critical hit, critical damage)


I pulled for Synergy Gold fatecore Jinai here in this video! Come check out how I did and what skills gold fatecore Jinai eventually received!

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