Beckoning Banga Jinn! Exos Heroes

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Summoning Banga Jinn Exos Heroes Black Fatecore

After a LONG week it' was awesome to get a neat surprise of pulling Jinn's exclusive weapon at the Door of Creation!

What better excuse is there than this to try to pull for the Exos Heroes Gold Fate Core Banga Jinn? Afterall, we have the perfect weapon ready to equipped to have him look good and... kill...? good? :D

Come join my Exos Heroes summon session to get our cute little Banga Jinn to our Exos Heroes team!

About Exos Heroes Black Fatecore Banga Jinn

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Banga Jinn
Soft Silver Hair Jinn

Gender Male
Age 28
Origin Nation North Von Frosty
Race Human
Hero Tier Fated
Element Machine
Position Chaos
Fatecore Color Gold
Fatecore Theme Banga Family

Jinn, Banga of Parallel World who was bom as a Banga and became the Captain of Red Skull. He earned his position as the Captain of Red Skull after beating up everyone that claimed that there are physical limitations for a Banga to be a captain for special forces.

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