Back to Basics! Exos Heroes Positions Battle Beginner's Guide

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About Exos Heroes Battle Formations

Ever thought about what position your Exos Heroes play? Take a look at this video to learn about the passives assigned to the 4 different positions - Attack, Support, Defense, and Chaos!

Exos Heroes Beginner's Guide to Battle

On Exos Heroes, positions are divided into 4 different categories - Attack, Support, Defense, and Chaos. Each of your heroes are assigned this position.
Depending on the position, your formation is decided, Attack and chaos in the back and support and defense in the front. Deviating from this formation against a heroes position can lower your combat power.
There are different basic passives a hero can have based on these positions. Depending on the level of the passive, there are additional perks.

There are 64 Attack heroes, and can have passive Counter or Mana Utilization
  • Counter counters upon taking damage
  • Mana Utilization increases attacked based on allies' mana count

There are 68 Chaos heroes and they can have passive Mana Absorb, Focused shot or Final Hit

  • Mana absorbs removes 1 buff and gains 1 mana
  • Focused shot afflicts target with focus fire mark and decreased dodge and block for 1 round on basic attack' for physical
  • Final hit attacks enemy if target takes damage and health is reduced to less than 10%

There are 38 Support heroes and they can have passive Cleanse or First Aid

  • Cleanse removes damage of time and debuff effects from allies and gains mana
  • First aid heals 100% of attack to an ally if the ally takes a hit and health drops under 20%

There are 59 Defense heroes and they can have passive Protect or Thrust or Block

  • Protect shares hp with ally with lowest maximum health and heals by caster's health by 30% of their health at the beginning of the round
  • Thrust attacks upon taking damage (30%) and stuns the target for 5 turns if the skill hits
  • Block afflicts enemies with provoke when ally is attacked and hp drops below 30% for 10 turns, and grants heal over time to caster for 5 turns of 20% of attack

Just knowing this and not the complicated other passives that generals and fated heroes can have can help you for your playstyle. For example, for me, I prefer to take on attack heroes with mana utilization coupled with chaos heroes with mana absorb and support cleanse to maximize attack as I prefer an offense playstyle.

Hope this Exos Heroes guide helped you out. If so, please visit PlayWhatever YouTube, comment and subscribe. Stay safe, and enjoy the game! ❤️

PlayWhatever Updates
Exos Heroes is an active game with continuous gameplay updates. This info was based on the gameplay at the time of content creation. Check out recent blog posts or videos on PlayWhatever to find the latest gameplay information!

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