Heowon's Old Store Exos Heroes Launch

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Exos Heroes Trader from the East - Heowon

Heowon is the master trader of Exos Heroes giving us a chance to use our PvP medals to trade in for the powerful general memories. How much does it cost, is it worth it... and what is Heowon planning to do with all those medals of glory?? Let's check it out together!

Free Items from F2P Content at Heowon's Old Store

Heowon's old store offers various items in exchange for currency earned in game.

Some of the more notable items you can exchange for are:

  • Ultimate Orbs for Exos Heroes Unleash Potential
  • General shards - collect 50 to summon a General
  • Holy Water of the Universe
  • High grade Abrasives

Heowon's Old Store Resets

Heowon has limited stock per item per currency per month. He restocks every month so you can exchange the items again with the currency.

Learn More About Heowon

If you're interested in Heowon the myterious merchant, check out this blog post to know more about him and his past!

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