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Exos Heroes Quantum Raid Guide and Tips

The 2nd season of Exos Heroes Quantum Raid is OPEN with a fun Christmas theme! Let me share 5 quick tips that I learned during the first season that hopefully will serve as a beginners guide to those of you just trying out this interesting event.

Make sure you have your levistones
You will have to repeat certain stages to gather enough stones, this is normal, and levistones consumption goes through the roof. Make sure you trade in your air squadron wing tokens for levistones, and send your alliance points, and claim those medals at the door of creation, and use all your levistones and let it naturally generate. Skip doing explorations until you finish the event. If you do this, you should have enough to finish through the entire season before the event it over.

Mix up your heroes stones
You level up your heroes to use with the various element stones. If you choose all nature heroes, you're naturally not going to progress fast because you're going to need a lot of nature stones. There are 6 elements, with a total of 9 slots available. So try not to have more than 2 heroes of the same element leveled up.

This is especially true for your healers, try not to have 2 heroes of the same element for your healers (see below):

Make sure you get at least 2 clerics on your back row
You're going to want to have at least 2 healers, possibly even 3 to progress to higher levels. So prioritize getting them first. Then choose your mid attackers. You have to not only survive, but kill before timer is up. Finally, fill up your front row.

Don't leave on repeat battle with continue when defeated option for too long
You'll burn through a lot of levistones with no rewards. Even if your heroes are strong I've often found that rng plays a huge factor and you can still lose back to back quite frequently on stages you've beaten before.

Save your stones for the fated heroes
It takes more stone investment upfront (for example, 10 stones to level 1 a fated hero vs 5 & 3 for legendary and rare heroes) but their stats make it worth while especially if you're thinking of finishing the entire raid to the end. Generals also get a special passive at level 20 which will be helpful for extreme levels.

PlayWhatever Updates
Exos Heroes is an active game with continuous gameplay updates. This info was based on the gameplay at the time of content creation. Check out recent blog posts or videos on PlayWhatever to find the latest gameplay information!

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